Buy vs. Lease a Car

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Should you buy or lease your next car? Both opportunities offer benefits so it is important for a customer to look at both options and decide which is best.

Finances are not the only factor to consider when deciding to PCP or Lease a car. While the monthly payment is important, there are other things that factor make it worth owning a vehicle outright or just paying for the time it is being used. The best way to figure out which option is best is to meet someone at a dealership to learn more about the types of vehicles available and the different contracts offered. Sometimes a special promotion will make one or the other the most cost-effective choice.


Buying a car is more permanent when compared to leasing. Financing is established and a person makes payments each month towards the balance owed on the car. When the terms of the loan are complete, a person owns the vehicle. They can continue to use it or sell it and regain some of their initial investment. Because of the process of buying and the cost, most people keep the vehicle until the loan is paid off. If they don’t, they can trade in the car but will probably be upside down on the next vehicle’s loan.

This purchase has nothing to do with the amount of time the vehicle is used or the number of miles it travels. The vehicle itself is being purchased. What the owner does with it is completely up to him or her. While there is depreciation, there are still property owners once the contract is complete.


The lease only covers a portion of the cost of a car. Instead of paying for the property, a customer is paying for the time they are using the car and the amount that he or she drives it. Sometimes a down payment is still required or other times this amount is looked at as a security deposit. This ensures that a vehicle is brought back in a certain decision and within the agreed upon a number of miles.

There are several options for starting a lease. A customer can decide to walk away at the end of the lease and make a purchase. He can extend the lease. He can buy the vehicle he was leasing at a new, depreciated value or he can choose another vehicle or lease. One of the benefits of a lease is the ability to drive a brand new car every few years. There is no commitment to just one vehicle.

Check out a dealership nearby and talk to a salesperson about some of the options. Ask about special discounts or promotions that would affect the monthly payment of purchasing and leasing a vehicle. After learning about the cost, decide whether or not you want a new vehicle every few years or you want to commit to one vehicle for the long haul.

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